'Tessitura Creativa' (creative weaving) is a technique I honed during my teenage years, a skill I developed at an Arts Week in my school in Nove, Vicenza. This method, personalized with a sentimental touch, distinguishes itself from traditional fabric or mat weaving. Specialising in small-sized weaves, with 30x30 cm being the largest I've created, I intertwine different threads, playing with varying thicknesses, colours, and materials. What sets my weaves apart is the intentional inclusion of specific objects for safekeeping and memory preservation. From shells found on the beach to buttons from a baby blouse, dry flowers, keys, jewellery, and an array of found objects like playing cards or broken toys – each weave is a tapestry of personal history. These items are 'valorised,' gaining added significance within the weave.

For commissions, I attentively listen to the client's desires and the purpose behind the piece. Whether commemorating a wedding with fabric from the bride's veil and flowers or remembering a beloved pet, each commissioned piece is entirely unique, capturing the essence of the client's narrative, with colours carefully selected to match the decor of the client's house. Commission your bespoke piece by reaching out through the provided form. Let's weave memories into art together!