+ Why is your name spelled weird and how do you pronounce it?

Giulia is pronounced Julia. Not Guilia and certainly not Guila! Giulia is the Italian version of the name Julia, [fun fact!] Interesting enough, the spelling of this word descends from the Greek meaning youthful, rather then the latin Julius that was a status name in ancient Rome. 

+ What school or uni did you attend?

I studied Visual Arts in Italy at the Liceo D'Arte De Fabris from the age of 13 through to 18.  During this time I had the privilege to study and learn with Ivo Mosele, a great mentor of mine. After graduation I studied Visual Arts and Theatre at IUAVUniversity of Architecture of Venice; literally surrounded by Art for three years of my life. Again, I had the privilege to study with some amazing teachers. Lawrence Carrol was my Art MentorKarina Arutyunyan my Theatre Coach, Agnes Kohlmeyer my Exhibition Curation TutorMassimo Magri my shorts lecturer and Klaus Obermaier taught me Video Art.

+ Where do you get your ideas? 

Life! Let me explain. 

As an Artist you will view the world in different ways then from ordinary people. You will find something that sparkles your imagination. Your senses are heightened, and you are touched by things in a poetic sort of way. This is why just about anything can give me an inspiration for my Artworks. I read a lot, poems especially. I spend a lot of time in nature each day. I collect things; maps, stamps, petals, shells, feathers, keys... And love browsing in flea markets and find old objects that dazzle my imagination. Feelings are a great source of inspiration. So, be in love. With others, with yourself, with life. Ultimately being an Artist means that you are willing to put your heart on the line to create something beautiful.

+ Why do you do Art?

To be an Artist means that you cannot live without doing Art. For you it's a necessity. It's a must. 
If you want to do Art for fame, you are doing it for the wrong reason. And this will come through in your work. You must choose to do Art because you absolutely cannot imagine a life without creativity.

+ What tools and software do you use for your work?

I love to paint, get my hands dirty while I do it. I get really inspired and involved when I am creating a piece of Art. I use acrylics, watercolours, inks and charcoal mostly. I use paintbrushes, fingertips and ink pens primarily. I created some time lapse video of me painting and illustrating for you to see, so do take a look. I then photograph my art and work with Adobe Photoshop on the piece if necessary. For some of my digital work I work solely on Photoshop and Illustrator using a variety of brushes and textures. I love both methods very much and they give very different results. So it's something that you will just have to experiment with and see what you enjoy doing the most.

+ What advice would you give to someone that is just starting out as an Artist - Illustrator?

The advice I give all Artists is:

Live fully.
Enjoy the moment.
Create for yourself not for others. 

It's great if you can be a full time Artist, but this will eventually put a strain on your creative waive if you are not yet profitable with your Art. For this reason my advice is to do art Part Time and do it from the HEART. Get in touch with what it is that you want to express and do it. Stop thinking about it so much, and just do it. Have fun. Spread joy. When you are used to having this sort of approach to your work, you will find that even if you are working on a commission, you are doing for more reasons then to get paid. You will find that motivation that drives you and that's ultimately what your heart craves as an Artist, what is really rewarding for your soul. So go with it, be passionate, it will show in your work.

+ Do I need to go to school to become an illustrator?

No, you don't. What you need is a whole lot of passion.

You can teach yourself how to paint and draw. You can teach yourself how to use programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

If you would like have a mentor to guide you throughout the process of creating Art I am actually in the process of releasing an Art e-Course. If you want to be notified when I open registration for the course, please drop me a line here, using subject line "Art Course", and I will send you a link when I open the registrations.

+ Can you recommend any books that you would help me on my journey as an Artist - Illustrator?

Yes, I can. There are a variety of books which I go back to from time to time, as I found them the most helpful to feed my creativity and to help with my profession. 

One of the most powerful and inspiring to me was The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. This book is great for anyone how wishes to do art but feels blocked in some way. Julia has a very unique approach: very honest and holistic, and I feel really aligned with her work.

If you are an Illustrator you should have a copy of The Illustrated Guide of Law and Business Practice from the Association of Illustrators. Not exactly and exciting read by any means, but it will give you all the technical information you need to become a profession illustrator.
On top of these, I have my favourite classics that are to me the most inspiring pieces of work I have ever read and I go back to them frequently. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull a story by Richard Bach. Alice Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol. Emily Dickinson Poems. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. I am sure you also have some extraordinary love for a piece of writing. My advice is to read it. read it, read it. Every time you read something that touches your heart, you will grow emotionally and it will give you more each time. So if you are trying to develop as an Artist the most important this that you can do is to connect and be in touch with your heart. Writers and poet have to power to connect us with your heart centre. So find a book that you enjoy, and keep it by your bedside!

+ When did you start meditating and can you teach me?

I learned to meditate in 2007, and I now give classes on a weekly basis. Like this page to be notified of dates! (You can also join the Ahimsa Hub What's Up Group. Contact me for more info) 

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