As a multidisciplinary individual I am able to approach each project from a variety of facets. I work with illustration, graphics, video format, installations, performances and online presence. I have curated events, seminars, exhibitions; and worked companies and individuals to create their Brand Identity.
Whatever your message is, I can help you bring it across in a holistic and cohesive way. When I come on board on a project my primary task is to find out what your mission is and the best way to deliver it. The end point is to always connect with your audience and to make a long lasting impression. I am especially interested to contribute my energy to projects which serve the community at large and raise the awareness on a socio-environmental level. I also enjoy going into schools and deliver talks and workshops; Young people are thirsty for knowledge and Art is not something they get to experience everyday. But what could they accomplish as adults if they were educated and taught to do what they were naturally excellent at as children?

I love working in buzzing and dynamic settings with proactive individuals who are passionate about what their company's mission is. Everyone in the team serves a key role; I strive to make people feel included, valued and appreciated. At the end of a project each person should leave feeling like they have enhanced their skills and grown professionally as a result of it.  I like to get to know the companies I work with, talk to the staff; find out what their strengths are. What is each individual passionate about and what can they bring to the table? If you would like to book a consultation with me please click here.