My strengths in Art Directions come directly from my experiences as a creative. As a multidisciplinary Artist I am able to approach projects from a variety of facets. As well as visual arts, I have experience working in video form, installations and performances; I have also curated events and exhibitions.
Whatever your mission, Art can aid to bring your message across. My role in Art Direction is to find what your message is and the best way to deliver it, in a holistic way. The end point is to connect with your audience and make a long lasting impression.

The other aspect is leadership. Whether its a big or a small team, my role is to get to know people; find out their strengths and their passions are. What is each individual can bringing to the table? I ask myself, when I walk into a meeting.
Teamwork is key, so I enjoy working in buzzing and dynamic setting with proactive individuals who are passionate about what their company's mission is. Everyone in the team serves a key role; and I strive to feel make people feel included, valued and appreciated. At the end of a project each person should leave feeling like they have enhanced their skills, and grown professionally within their role.
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