My name is Giulia I know it sounds weird, but it's pronounced Julia. I am creative based in England, but originally from Italy. I am a Maestro D'Arte - teacher of art - and a graduate from the University of Venice.

I enjoy working on lots of different projects such as surface design patterns, especially for fabric & interiors; I especially love the sea so I poured my passion for the ocean and its creatures into a range of sea-inspired designs called Oceanic Collection which can be viewed and purchased here. 

Pop over here the Oceanic Collection's Instagram to follow future releases!

I love to work on children illustrations; when I do I connect with my inner child and paint all the things I would have liked to have had in books when I a little girl, such as adorable hedgehogs, cuttle little baby narwhals, secret treasures like messages in a bottle or fairy mushrooms. I've created a series of colouring sheets, books, and stickers, which are sold in pdf and printable from home too.

From time to time I also work on video art projects. Some of my work made in collaboration with Joseph Gordon Levitt's Hitrecord has even made its way to Sundance! I've enjoy art direction too. What I like the most about this role is being able to work on larger scale projects, along with other talented creatives and other writers and musicians. I worked for and in partnership with TEDx, the NHS, Mole Valley Arts Alive, IUAV, The Biennale, Pop Up Galleries, Vantage Point and some other local magazines.

In my free time I pursue work on personal other projects such as: the Sacre Coeur Series, Creating Memories and Inspiring Views.

I have two dogs, Twist and Romeo. A Collie cross Labrador rescued as a puppy from Ireland and a Jack Russel Cross Beagle rescued from a hiking trip in Umbria, Italy. They are now my forever-mascottes and can often be seen in my Instagram Stories! They come with me everywhere. We go on trails, explore forests, meadows, and lavender fields. I collect fallen leaves, while Twist collects bits of old wood. I seek out interesting looking shells and minerals on the beach which Romeo keeps busy scavenging for crumbs!

I have a slight tenancy to hoard umh... I mean to collect! When I get the chance, I like to explore all the weird and wonderful things found in flea markets. As a result I now own far too many typewriters and old cameras for my own good. I also keep a box of old stamps, vintage music sheets and old maps at my disposal for any creative pursuit. Sometimes  incorporate these elements into my works, and sometimes they just lend a little inspiration when needed.

My greatest passion is probably camping. Tiny pop up tent, solar light, cooker and italian coffee maker! I take my sketchbooks and my portable watercolour palettes and I escape out into the wild with Twist and Romeo for a few weeks at the time. We enjoy nature, paint, listen to music, dance and play. Most of all we recharge. Something else about me, I love cooking and I lead a plant based lifestyle since 2009; I follow the philosophy of Ahimsa (non violence). Some of my vegan recipes can be seen on IG stories