My name is Giulia.

I was born in the north east of Italy, in a charming little town called Castelfranco Veneto. Hometown of one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance: Giorgione.
My never ending love affair with creativity began, like most artists, at a very young age. I used to spend hours drawing, painting, making, exploring and experimenting, as well as being out in nature, playing with my brother Flavio (now a talented designer himself) and having adventures with our family dogs. I was blessed to have parents who recognised my talent, and encouraged me each step of the way. I was also very fortunate to find teachers and educators in my life, to help me become the person and the artist that I am today.
Fiorella and Nicoletta were my very first teachers at nursery, and they were extraordinary. Fiorella used play Vivaldi music in class and encouraged the children to express themselves creatively with movement and dance. We also used to make beautiful colorful things, all the time. My primary school teacher was the Elia Zardo (founder of La Scuola del Fare) conveyed such a love for the arts, and especially book making, which I still practice to this day.

I then studied Fine Arts and acquired the title of Maestro D'Arte in 2003, at the Liceo D'Arte Giuseppe De Fabris, in Nove, Vicenza. My teacher was great Artist Ivo Mosele. He taught me so much during those years. Not just about being creative and making art... but also about discipline and importance of precision in the process of making a piece of work.
After my graduation, I followed up with studies that IUAV, University of Architecture of Venice. It was amazing to be immersed 24/7 in, what I can only describe as the most beautiful town of the whole world; It is here that I had the great privilege to learn from many great Artists and professionals in the field such as Lawrence CarrolMassimo MagriKlaus ObermaierKarina ArutyunyanSusanne FrancoFranco RellaAgnes Kohlmeyer. Being around these amazing inspiring people was an invaluable experience and gave me the opportunity and to learn the skills to express myself with different medias, such as video production, sound, performance, photography and art direction.
Now, I live in a vibrant quirky town called Dorking, in England. My little piece of paradise. I am just a few minutes away from Dembies Vineyard. A little further up, there is Box Hill, the Stepping Stones, and breathtaking views of the valley. The gentle curves of the Surrey hillsides fill my heart with joy, every single day. It is nature that nurtures my creative side. I my studio, surrounded by music, I paint, illustrate, sketchwrite, cut and edit; I also enjoy curating various projects as an Art Director.
In my spare time I seek adventures with my two dogs, Twist and Romeo, in the Surrey Hills. We trail run, trek, camp, explore lost-in-time villages, ancient forests and beautiful coastlines...

I lead a plant based lifestyle and follow the philosophy of Ahimsa (non violence). My enthusiasm, cheerfulness, positivity, passion for life easily rubs off onto others and my laughter is dangerously infectious! Want to know more? See the frequently asked questions page.